Story News: ‘A Little Blood, A Little Fire’

My story “A Little Blood, A Little Fire” was featured in the June issue of Swords & Sorcery Magazine.

I wrote this last summer, while house-sitting for a friend. It was an experimental little play-around with the backstory of Azarelle, the main character from my currently-breathing-a-bit fantasy novel, “Daughter of Wax”. I liked the way it turned out, so away it went, and I’m very grateful to editor Curtis Ellett for picking it up.

Story completed despite this fine fellow trying to get me to play outside instead

“A Little Blood, A Little Fire” is told from the perspective of Azarelle’s father, Angelo, who is reflecting back on her childhood. At what point did he realise she had sorcerous powers? And at what point would it have really been wise to intercede?

I’ve been fiddling around in the world of this story for 20 years, and I’m very fond of it. As fond as you can be of exsanguination cages and demon princes, that is.

The story can be found here.

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