Story News: ‘Song of the Land’

My story ‘Song of the Land’ found a home in BFS: Horizons #5.

It’s a little bit of magic realism, or maybe historical fantasy (what do these things mean? No one knows…) set in the English Civil War, and its protagonist is a blacksmith’s daughter, Beatrix Haywood.

I originally wrote it as a flash piece (350 words), but then it grew some legs (and fur).

‘Song’ had roots in reading about Beatrice Harrison, the cellist who played with nightingales. Her story would fit right in a collection of fantastical tales. Other inspiration came from folk music, and spending a weekend in Haywood, near Doncaster – a weird, flat, leafy, boggy, rushy, sunsetty, ancient wonder of a corner of England.

Cheers to those who read this one for me during its development, and to Phil Lunt at the BFS for giving it a shot.

You can find out more about the British Fantasy Society on their website.

Onwards to the next job…



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