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senlin ascends josiah bancroft review

I’ve Been Reading: Josiah Bancroft

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go site “EVERYONE IS TALKING”, says the front cover of the beautiful ARC of Josiah Bancroft’s “Senlin Ascends”. Not just a wry allusion to the Biblical Tower of Babel, but a statement backed up by myriad Goodreads quotes, from writers and readers alike, all expressing huge enthusiasm for the book. Bancroft self-published “Senlin” in 2013, and put […]

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lawrence ashton sheers dundas

I’ve Been Reading: Mark Lawrence, David Ashton, Ever Dundas, Owen Sheers

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enter I miss reviewing stuff. There was a time – in another life, but spanning several years – where I’d churn out (sorry – lovingly craft) three or four album reviews a week. Hundreds and hundreds of the buggers. Hours and hours, words and words. It’s a mental jigsaw puzzle that goes together in a very […]

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